This is a D&D 4e campaign set in the re-imagined 4th edition Dark Sun world. It uses standard Dark Sun restrictions on the Divine Power Source, certain rituals, and certain magic items. It makes use of item rarity rules introduced with Essentials. It grants each player the choice of a wild talent and a theme during character creation. It uses the optional weapon break rules (specifically, the Reckless Breakage option). This campaign does not use the Fixed Enhancement Bonus system.

The story begins in the walled trading town of Altaruk with the characters at first level. Perhaps they have just arrived in town, or they could have grown up there; this choice is left to the players. It is the beginning of the month of Sorrow and for days now the wind has been whipping up the threat of a massive dust storm off the Sea of Silt to the east, yet it brings no relief from the oppressive heat. Making matters worse, the town is abuzz with rumors of a raiding party of giants in the area, and even the sturdy human guards seem on-edge as a result.

Our Better Angel